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I Love Surprises…..who doesn’t?
Established in 2009, I Love Surprises is a small UK business working with other independent businesses to curate bespoke gift packages to put a smile on your loved ones faces.

When I became a parent for the first time to my beautiful daughter 12 years ago, I was showered with an array of gifts and flowers. As a new mum in a small house without a single vase, all I really wanted was something that I could really enjoy and appreciate. Whether it was something sentimental or to help me unwind and relax as I adjusted to my new role.

A few months later a good friend gave birth and I wanted to create her a care package of items that would not only make her feel special, but gifts she could keep and enjoy whenever she was ready. After seeing how much my friend appreciated such a thoughtful and loving gift – I Love Surprises was born!