I Love Surprises…..who doesn’t?
We started our journey in 2009, when I Love Surprises as a small UK business working with other independent businesses to curate bespoke gift packages to put a smile on your loved ones faces.

We believe that when you give a gift it comes from the heart. If you know someone well enough to want to buy them something, you should be drawn to an idea. However, I also know that this is a very romantic notion. Not everyone in modern day life has the time to spend the time needed to create the ideal package. 

And so I Love Surprises was born.


I Love Surprises started off creating gifts for my friends and family for all those special occasions like “Happy birthday” or simply “thinking of you.” 12 years on and after welcoming my second beautiful daughter into the world, I have been driven even more to develop the business and it has slowly but surely become a place where people come to buy their personlaised items.

Moving into 2022 ILS as people fondly refer to our brand, is best known for its designer bespoke and personalsied bottles, that we have developed to become a quality but affordable product.

We have put a lot of time, effort, and consideration to ensure that the bottles have been sourced to provided you with an exceptional product. 


We are constantly developing the brand in 2022 we announced the launch of our dedicated club shop supported by many of the local sports teams and clubs. Providing drinks bottles to sports teams that are both branded with the team or company logo, along with a personalised name ensure that each bottle is always reunited with its owner. 

I love what I do and hope you can see this reflected in the items we have put together